Louis Vuitton Monogram is Back and Better Than Ever, and Our Favorite Instagrammers Agree Essentials Replica Handbags

Louis Vuitton Monogram is Back and Better Than Ever, and Our Favorite Instagrammers Agree Essentials Replica Handbags

This Fall, We’ve Seen the Resurgence of LV Monogram All Over the ‘Gram

Between fashion month, National Handbag Day and endless fall fashion inspiration, it’s been awhile since we checked into what’s going down on Instagram. Truth be told though, I always know what’s going down on the ‘gram. Instagram, for me, is a creative outlet. It’s not only a way for me to keep up with friends both new and old, but it’s a way for me to express myself and gather inspiration.

These days, it’s no secret that Louis Vuitton Monogram Handbags Sale Replica Monogram is back, and in my opinion, it’s better than ever. I’ve always considered myself an LV girl. I got my first Louis Vuitton Speedy as my high school graduation gift and was hooked immediately. I wanted that bag for as long as I could remember. Recently, I found old magazine clippings and collages from my childhood; I probably was around 10 when I made one that featured photos of the Louis Vuitton Speedy, so it makes sense that today, I do what I do!

After snagging my first LV piece as a gift, I acquired a few more bags throughout my college years by babysitting (a lot) and saving every extra penny I made. My love for everything Louis Vuitton wavered a little bit as I began my career and my tastes slowly changed, but I still carried and loved all of my LV babies. Recently, though, I’ve been lusting after Louis Vuitton monogram again, and as I always do, I took to Instagram to do a little research. I was not surprised to see so much monogram this fall. Scroll on to see my favorites!

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@dc_ey carries a Pochette Metis Bag
$1,830 via Louis Vuitton

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@chiaraferragni carries a Mon Monogram Speedy 30
$1,390 via Louis Vuitton

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@songofstyle wears a Petite Boite Chapeau
$4,200 via Louis Vuitton

4 / 30

@xeniaoverdose wears the Palm Springs Mini Backpack
$1,910 via Louis Vuitton

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@aworkingwardrobe totes the Kimono Bag
$3,250 via Louis Vuitton

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@luxury4nk shows off an Artsy MM
$1,960 via Louis Vuitton

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@lvlovealways shows off a NeoNoe Bag
$1,450 via Louis Vuitton

8 / 30

@rachparcell gets into the fall spirit with her Neverfull GM
$1,340 via Louis Vuitton

9 / 30

@bohegirl shows off a Speedy 30
$1,940 via Louis Vuitton

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@buy_me_more_handbags totes a Mon Monogram Pouch
$1,790 with Mon Monogram Neverfull GM via Louis Vuitton

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions/emails about my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, so I figured a full review would be really helpful for those of you that are thinking about buying one! I received mine as a birthday present last July…. Before this, I didn’t have any LV. After I had my own, I understood just how practical/useful the Neverfull is, and I have never looked back! The most important reason I love it so much is due to how flexible it is. It carries everything that I need and easily transitions out of my pure barre course to a date night with Chris (and everything in between!) .Here’s a general rundown….Although it was only initially introduced in 2007, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull has become one of LV’s all-time most prosperous bags. It’s the type of bag that won’t ever go out of style and can be worn whatever the trend or season. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull comes in 3 different dimensions: PM (little), MM (medium) and GM (big). Regardless of what size you have, the bag’s name fits it to a T – it really is “never full.” I own the MM – it is the perfect size as it is large enough to carry everything that I want but does not overwhelm my framework. I think if the bag was any bigger than it is, it would seem too big on me! (I am 5’3 for reference)The bag comes in four different colors/patterns. Mine is the Damier Azur Canvas using all the “Rose Ballerine” inside – a stunning baby pink colour. I love pink so this was the ideal option for me. I wore mine last year, and even in the winter with winter white outfits (here is an example!) . My mother owns the Neverfull from the Monogram Canvas and she loves it – she let me borrow it a lot throughout the fall/winter (here is a picture of me wearing it).

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@justj.c styles a Petite Malle
$5,200 via Louis Vuitton

12 / 30

@natalia_arold2 styles a Bento Box BB
$2,350 via Louis Vuitton

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@stylewyn wears a Pochette Metis Bag
$1,830 via Louis Vuitton

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@weworewhat carries a Palm Springs Mini Backpack
$1,910 via Louis Vuitton

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@hellofashionblog travels in style with a Keepall Bandouliere 45 and a Pegase 55
$1,720 and $3,550 via Louis Vuitton

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@ldywholunches shows off a Kimono Tote
$3,250 via Louis Vuitton

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@januaryscloset travels light with her Nano Speedy
$955 via Louis Vuitton

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@kimann_s carries a showstopper, the City Steamer MM
$4,250 via Louis Vuitton

19 / 30

@shea.whitney sports a Palm Springs PM Backpack
$2,040 via Louis Vuitton

20 / 30

@chiaraferragni carries a Mini Bucket Bag

21 / 30

@lisadnyc sports a Petite Malle
$5,200 via Louis Vuitton

22 / 30

@stylenotes_aya styles a NeoNoe Bag
$1,450 via Louis Vuitton

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@lvoe.junkie shows off a Graceful PM

24 / 30

@ldywholunches carries a Popincourt PM
$2,370 via Louis Vuitton

25 / 30

@parisinfourmonths carries an LV Twist MM
$3,550 via Louis Vuitton

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@mybagmemories shows off what’s inside her Tournelle PM Bag
$2,010 via Louis Vuitton

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@jamlveo’s Montsouris Backpack is right on trend
$1,830 via Louis Vuitton

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@blankitinerary shows off an Eye-Trunk iPhone Case
$1,250 via Louis Vuitton

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@angela_loves1 gets fall ready with her
Twice Crossbody
Shop Crossbody Bags via Louis Vuitton

30 / 30

@thebagmemo Shares a snap of her stunning Speedy Bandouliere 25
$2,550 via Louis Vuitton

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