Louis Vuitton Dust Replica Bags

I’ve seen hundreds of Louis Vuitton dust replica bag over the years and love them!

Some buyers assume if a replica bag comes with Louis Vuitton dust replica bag, it must be real. Some other buyers are on the other hand, extremely cautious, questioning whether or not the dust replica bags come with the replica bags they bought are authentic.

I totally get it. Louis Vuitton dust replica bags can be a little bit tricky as they are not always the same! And of course there are so many fake Louis Vuiton dust replica bags out there too! I’ve had original Louis Vuitton dust replica bags ranging from 1980s to  the most current ones. There are a lot different sizes of the Louis Vuitton dust replica bags! The color shades, softness & thickness of the cloth do vary from period to period too.

Louis Vuitton dust replica bags

Pictured above are a few dust replica bags representing original Louis Vuitton dust replica bags from 1980 – current season. Note some of them have LV logo on them while the others have the full name Louis Vuitton printed on them. Some of the larger dust replica bags have drawstring closure, the others don’t. Dust replica bags prior to early 2000 have LV (not Louis Vuitton) logo on them. Those Louis Vuitton dust replica bags have LV logos on them are also made from much thicker cotton cloth that have much darker shades of beige. The wonderful Louis Vuitton drawstring dust replica bags are made for the bigger Louis Vuitton replica bags. Thick cotton drawstrings can be brown or blue, but not in any other colors.

Like original Louis Vuitton handbags and luggage, LV dust replica bags are made in different countries too. Stitches placed on the Louis Vuitton dust replica bags are even and firm. The Logo printed on Louis Vuittion dust replica bags is either LV or Louis Vuitton, no additional letters. Logos on the front of the replica bags are always solid dark brown, not red, not black.

So if you see a “Louis Vuttion dust replica bag” with red letters “Louis Vuitton Paris” etc etc printed on it, RUN AWAY!:)

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