Introducing the Louis Vuitton Monogram Colors Free Shipping Replica Bags

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Monogram Colors Free Shipping Replica Bags

One of the hardest parts of building and maintaining a brand is that once public perception shifts from “this thing is great” to “this thing was great,” it’s always difficult (and sometimes impossible) to turn back the tides. The aging appeal of Louis Vuitton’s famous monogram was one of the big reasons Marc Jacobs left the brand and Nicolas Ghesquiere, LV’s current creative director, signed on, and in his three years at its helm, Ghesquiere has done a lot to reenergize tastemakers’ love for Louis. His latest line, called Louis Vuitton Monogram Colors, is one of his best efforts yet.

Monogram Colors takes the iconic brown monogram canvas and recasts it on a trio of simple bags trimmed with swathes of leather in two or three contrasting colors per bag. All the bags currently a part of the collection are in the Tuileries family: the large Tuileries Hobo, with a single, short shoulder strap; the medium-size Tuileries Besace, with both a short shoulder strap and long crossbody strap; and the Tuileries Handbag, which is a medium-size satchel.

Prices for the bags aren’t available on Louis Vuitton’s website quite yet, but a number of close-up modeling shots of all three bags in several colorways are, and you can check them out all below.

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In other ways, however, the bag gets high marks. Its three large compartments provide for plenty of storage and business, along with the optional (and again, contrasting) shoulder strap makes it a flexible carry. The tote now comes in two versions–pink and red. Both retail for a cost of $2,960, and the two are currently available at Louis Vuitton’s website.For mepersonally, this bag is still a pass, but I could see it being loved by others–we would like to know whether you’d love it or leave it in the comments.Have you discovered in the past year, you see a lot more Louis Vuitton bags than you did earlier? In case you have, it is not just you: we’ve seen a definite uptick in celebrities carrying them at our twice-weekly roundups, and not only the handful of celebs that are friends of this brand and get them at no cost. There are two reasons for that: First, logos as a whole are undergoing an elongated resurgence, which rewards Louis Vuitton enormously. Second, however–and equally important–is that Louis Vuitton’s monogram bags are very good recently.Nicolas Ghesquiere was hired to update and modernize consumer perception of LV’s iconic monogram, among other items, and a few years into the job, he appears to be doing a fantastic job of precisely that. And while most of us know longtime Louis Vuitton classics, like the Speedy, Alma and Neverfull, the brand now has a fresh class of LV-adorned bags which are well worth paying attention. Longtime fans of this brand will understand each one of these bags by today, but we are imagining that Vuitton has attracted the interest of a number of first-timers lately, and we’re here to fill you in on the newest latest hits, under.
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