Bargain or Expensive Fake? Louis Vuitton Artsy Replica Bag

Bargain or Expensive Fake? Louis Vuitton Artsy Replica Bag

We girls are obsessed with bigger replica bags. I know this. Being a designer handbag authenticator, I get questions about the authenticity of big sized Louis Vuitton monogram replica bags people found online all the time. Louis Vuitton Monogram Artsy replica bag has only been around for a couple of years. Owners of this style are probably still in love with their new replica bags so there aren’t a lot of pre – owned Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag available for sale as yet. If you seen this one on eBay, in as new condition with a picture of the “original receipt” asking just over $1,100, will you check its authenticity toughly? I hope you do.

Real eBay listing example: Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag monogram

Potential buyer of this replica bag was sure it is an authentic Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag, only not happy about the fact that it has the picture of the receipt on the listing but seller won’t send this receipt together with the replica bag to winning bidder. It was mentioned on the listing that the replica bags was purchased in UK in March 2010 “as per receipt Pictures give best description of all.” Below are some  pictures of the “Louis Vuitton Arsty Replica Bag” from the Listing:

Louis Vuitton Artsy Replica Bag fake-artsy1

Question: Real or expensive fake?

If your answer is real, look again.

Date code of the replica bag is AA1101 which means the replica bag was made in France in the first week of 2011. But wait, wasn’t it stated in the listing, the replica bag was bought in UK in March 2016 “as per receipt”? Is it possible the replica bag was sold even before it was made? You do the math. By the way real Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag’s date code is actually imprinted discreetly on the lining inside the wall pocket, close to the seam, not on a little leather tab as this fake replica bag.

If you compare the receipt in picture with a real receipt from Louis Vuitton Stores in UK, you’ll find the receipt the pictured receipt which the seller refused to send with the replica bag is a lot longer than a real receipt & has slightly different layout.

Aha. Now we might know why the seller won’t release the receipt to winning bidders. If you see another expensive fake Louis Vuitton Artsy replica bag for sale on eBay using the same receipt, don’t be surprised.

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