The 5 Best Brands to Shop When Looking for a New Wallet Handbag Replica Wholesale Center

The 5 Best Brands to Shop When Looking for a New Wallet Handbag Replica Wholesale Center

Despite our obvious fondness for leather accessories, we don’t talk much about wallets. We never have. It’s not because we lack appreciation for a good wallet, but more that they’re hidden and utilitarian, when compared to pretty much everything else we spend our time obsessing about over here. One of my lovely coworkers’ wallets recently broke, though, and that inspired me to shop around to see where she might find a replacement. What I found was that there’s a handful of brands that really outpace the competition.

Most brands treat wallets as afterthoughts (and, honestly, they are for most customers and designers alike), but there are a few tried-and-true places to look for a workhorse wallet that will keep your stuff organized and safe for years to come. Below, check out the five brands that do the best wallet work right now.

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Louis Vuitton
Shop Wallets via Louis Vuitton

Vuitton takes wallets the most seriously of perhaps any designer. The brand makes dozens of different styles in different sizes, colors and materials, and although they’re pricey (styles start at $390 for a monogram canvas coin purse; most zipped continental styles are around $1,000), they’ll last for years to come.

Louis Vuitton Capucines Wallet, ,400 via Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Capucines Wallet, $1,400 via Louis Vuitton


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Bottega Veneta
Shop Wallets via Barneys

Bottega Veneta is a master of discretion and quality, so it’s not surprising that the brand makes plenty of wallets that will look sharp emerging from your handbag for the foreseeable future. As with its bags, BV specializes in neutrals in gorgeous woven leather, but the brand’s seasonal shades do make the jump to wallets as well.

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Continental Wallet, 0 via Barneys

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Continental Wallet, $750 via Barneys


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Shop Wallets via Coach

Not everyone wants to spend a grand on a wallet. (I certainly do not.) If you’d like a sturdy, functional, attractive full-size wallet for less than $250, Coach is the place to go. The brand’s offerings come in plenty of different sizes, shapes and fabrications, including some prints for the more adventurous among us.

Coach Swagger Wallet, 5 via Coach

Coach Swagger Wallet, $275 via Coach


Next, I always always carry notebooks around with me in my purse (I’ve done this because I was a small girl!) . I like to keep To Do lists, packing lists, etc., and sometimes random jolts of inspiration will hit while I’m outside and I want a place to jot them down. I picked up these notebooks from Target at the office supplies section. The polka dotted one says “Goal Digger” – they are adorable & a reminder to go after your dreams!I also carry a few pens with me – my mother bought me the cute Golden Retriever pen so it’s sentimental to me! My favorite pen to write with based on caliber is this Acroball pen from Target. I have a zillion of them all over my home and they’re the only pens I’ll use :)You can always find a pair of sunglasses in my luggage! My favorites right now are these Celine aviators. I have been wearing them nonstop, they are really lightweight and fit my face perfectly!This lotion made my “10 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without” list of course I need to have a tiny dimensions to carry around with me! I like this cream so much. It’s not greasy in any way, just moisturizing, also it does not have a odor (occasionally scented body creams give me headaches). I have a huge bottle I keep within my bathroom for after I shower, but I enjoy bringing this little bottle with me for my own palms – the jar is the 2.5 ounce size. I am the woman that always has snacks wrapped in her tote – I am always out running errands and realize that I am hungry! I enjoy these 100 calorie packs of whole walnuts & almonds (sometimes I purchase just the almonds) because they are a quick, healthy snack. I’m now trying to avoid processed foods as much as you can, which explains why I turn into entire nuts rather than a granola bar or something processed!

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Shop Wallets via Barneys

But this bag isn’t just reserved for complex A-lister affairs. In addition, it can be accessorized with sweats, Timbs, and pink fur!Finally, here is a parting shot of Rihanna and Frank all the way back in the beginning: 2014. They’ll always have Paris. And London. And Timbs. Something was definitely in the air this week, because we found a wealth of Louis Vuitton Monogram Recital Bag Replica luggage on our Instagram feed; we’re definitely not complaining! Nearly all their selections are LV, plus they even say their love (or even LVoe) for the newest by using their Instagram usernames. LV’s quality and iconic background has resulted in enormous consumer devotion, and also this favoritism definitely surfaces on social media. Have a look at a number of our favorites below.Louis Vuitton is in an interesting spot right now. Even though the brand has long wanted to put more of an emphasis on its leather goods and also deflect a bit of attention from its own legendary monogram and Damier canvases, monograms are gaining popularity, and now it’s to find a means to both stoke its leather company and capitalize on a contradictory fashion by which it fits perfectly.On the entire, Vuitton is doing a solid job in finding new ways to use its monogram, and one of those will be with new, slightly more subtle variants like the Monogram Eclipse that surfaced in the brand’s Fall 2016 men’s show in Paris. Even the greyscaled version was developed under the supervision of men’s creative director Kim Jones, and it provides a muted, sporty option for people who aren’t to the traditional brown.

In the world of designer accessories, Smythson is somewhat rare; the British company is known for its small leather goods, while its handbags are relatively new. That means Smythson puts care and thought into the design of its wallets that you find in few other places, and the brand’s selection is vast.

Smythson Panama Zip Travel Wallet, 0 via Barneys

Smythson Panama Zip Travel Wallet, $600 via Barneys


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Comme des Garçon
Shop Wallets via Nordstrom

CDG is a bit of a wildcard here; the brand is far more well known for its groundbreaking clothing than its bags or accessories, and the brand’s wallets reflect a contemporary price point that its clothes definitely do not. They’re a fashion favorite, though, and if you’re looking for a fun, colorful wallet at a good price, look no further.

Comme des Garcons Neon Continental Wallet, 0 via Net-a-Porter

Comme des Garcons Neon Continental Wallet, $280 via Net-a-Porter


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