12 Underrated Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bags Worth Another Look Online Safe Replica Bags

12 Underrated Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Bags Worth Another Look Online Safe Replica Bags

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas is one of the most iconic things in all of accessories, right along with Chanel’s chain straps or the Hermès Birkin’s belted closure. It’s become that way for a handful of reasons that aren’t hard to figure out: it’s distinctive but neutral, and the material itself is well nigh indestructible with normal use. It also helps that it’s the default material for some of handbag history’s most famous bags, from the Speedy to the Neverfull. What often doesn’t get enough credit, though, are the other versatile ways in which the brand uses its most famous resource.

Vuitton’s Monogram never entirely dipped out of popular favor, of course, but recently, fashion tastemakers have embraced it in a way they haven’t since the mid-2000s. Yesterday, I spotted a photo of former Paris Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld out and about in NYC with some LV monogram, and you really don’t get more proof than that of a look’s resurgence. Odds are, though, you’re already familiar with the most popular ways to incorporate LV monogram into your bag wardrobe, but you might not have seen some of the newer or more fashion-forward ways the brand is using its print under designer Nicolas Ghesquiere. A lot of them are great, though, and they totally deserve some love!

We picked out 12 beyond-the-basics monogram bags we really like, and you can check them all out below.

This tote made its introduction way back in September of 2014, when LV introduced its “Icons and Iconoclasts” collection. But Ri-Ri took a particular fancy into the artful LV x Frank Gehry Twisted Monogram Bag. Although she gets tons of freebies and sample loans from Dior and practically any other designer on the planet, she keeps returning to this bag, again and again.Here they’re making one of the earliest outings together in 2014. In order to help you better understand how exclusive this bag is, I have to inform you that we have only ever noticed Rihanna, Alexa Chung, and a Thai princess take it. We all know this is a recent shot since Ri-Ri is wearing a fierce pair of creepers from her own FENTY Puma collab. The collector’s thing also goes well with much more feminine looks, like Dior Wrap Pumps and also this blue pinstriped dress made of men’s shirting. Paps caught up with Ri-Ri and Frank as they exited The Nice Guy in LA mere weeks ago. Beyond the bag, Rihanna was into velvet boots before anybody knew they were going to be a massive trend. Here she’s incorporated Frank into a truly timeless Rihanna look. It is super hot and tasteful, then you notice she’s wearing cut-off shorts, which seems extremely Rihanna-appropriate. In this shot from 2015 she has paired it with some of this uber popular Stella McCartney Platform Creepers.
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Louis Vuitton Alma B’N’B Bag
$2,270 via Louis Vuitton

2 / 12

Louis Vuitton City Cruiser PM Bag
$3,650 via Louis Vuitton

3 / 12

Louis Vuitton City Trunk PM Bag
$6,600 via Louis Vuitton

4 / 12

Louis Vuitton Cluny MM Bag
$2,010 via Louis Vuitton

5 / 12

Louis Vuitton Flandrin Tote
$1,860 via Louis Vuitton

6 / 12

Louis Vuitton Mabillon Shoulder Bag
$1,370 via Louis Vuitton

7 / 12

Louis Vuitton Neonoe Bag
$1,390 via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Pallas Tote
$2,490 via Louis Vuitton

9 / 12

Louis Vuitton Reporter PM Bag
$1,360 via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Saint Cloud Shoulder Bag
$1,560 via Louis Vuitton

11 / 12

Louis Vuitton Tuileries Hobo
$2,230 via Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton Victoire Bag
$3,850 via Louis Vuitton

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